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— Speech Competition on Mental Health

Speech Competition on Mental Health
An Online speech competition was organised on 12th May 2021 by the Student Council of ISM - IUK.
The Topic was ‘Mental Health and its importance in Today’s era’. Candidates who applied were shortlisted according to the criteria and the final candidates presented their speeches in a very good way. The students tried their best to convery their message in the time given and presented some very convincing and touching speeches.
The Judges of the competition consisted of representatives from Dean’s office, senior Curators and the Vice Dean Ma’am Guljaz Anarbekovna.
The Judges carefully observed and heard the speeches and selected the students who performed the best.
We Congratulate all students who secured positions and other participants who gave their best and made the competition interesting.
The result of the Competition is as follows:
1st Position
Mohammad Omer
Group 20, Semester 3rd
2nd Position
Maryam Iqbal
Group 04, Semester 5th
3rd Position
Mehak Khalid
Grp:46, Semester 4th
Syed Hassan Mehmood
Group 16, Semester 2nd

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