NCEI ARPC “IUK” ACADEMIC COUNCIL - Eastern Campus of the International University of Kyrgyzstan



The NCEI ARPC “IUK” Academic Council is a public and professional representative governing body that carries out the university’s general management.

 The NCEI ARPC “IUK” Academic Council purpose of work is to determine the current and perspective areas of the university’s activities, to unite the university administration, scientific and pedagogical workers, teaching and support staff efforts to prepare specialists that meet modern requirements, to coordinate educational, methodological, research and educational university activities.

The main tasks of the Academic Council: 

  • The university structure determination, changes making;
  • Decision-making on the new directions opening for specialists training in vocational education basic and additional programs;
  • Approval of educational programs and curricula;
  • Approval of the main provisions regulating academic, scientific and educational work at the university;
  • Determination of the procedure and organization of the rector, deans and heads of departments’ elections;
  • Consideration of issues concerning the academic titles awarding and scientific and pedagogical workers positions fillings;
  • Approval of the university income and expenses annual estimates, hearing reports on their implementation;
  • Determination of the entrepreneurial activity development strategy, distribution of extra-budgetary and other funds for the production and social needs of the university;
  • Solution of international and interuniversity cooperation issues;
  • The NCEI ARPC “IUK” honorary titles assignment.

Scientific secretary – candidate of political sciences, associate professor Namatbekova Nurzat Mukambetovna

Address: L. Tolstoy 17a/1 St., the Presidium building, office No. 1, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Phones: +996 312 64-11-563 (work), +996 707 31-25-31 (mobile)


The scientific secretary Work plan for 2020-2021 curricular year