Center for cultural, educational and educational work - Eastern Campus of the International University of Kyrgyzstan

Center for cultural, educational and educational work

Organizational and educational work coordinator: 

 Abdykalykov Nurzhigit Abdilakimovich

Address: 2nd floor, room 212/117/1 L. Tolstoy st., Bishkek

Phone: 64-11-13

The NCEI ARPC “IUK” Students life

The ARPC “IUK” Student Council was established on December 2, 2018 by student activists from different faculties at a general meeting, with Abdykalykov Nurzhigit Abdilakimovich support who is the coordinator for GEW at the ARPC “IUK”.

The Student Council is a special form of initiative, independent students ‘activity, aimed at solving important issues in the student youth life, developing their social activity.

 The ARPC “IUK” Student Council main goals and objectives are the following:

  • Fulfillment of the university mission;
  • Students’ civic culture and active life position formation, promoting their social responsibility, independence, ability for self-organization and self-development, skills and abilities of self-government development;
  • Assistance to the ARPC “IUK” administration
  • Implementation of students’ socially significant initiatives;
  • Development of students’ scientific, creative, organizational potential;
  • Development of proposals for improving the educational process quality taking into account students’ personal, professional and scientific interests;
  • Interfaculty and interuniversity relations strengthening and development.