About master’s programs - Eastern Campus of the International University of Kyrgyzstan

About master’s programs

Master’s degree is a new level of education, a system of advanced studying for specialists and bachelors. The Master’s program education involves the acquisition of professional skills and competencies. The master can realize himself/herself in science, hold positions that require analytical, system and project skills and abilities, conduct managerial, industrial and socio-economic activities.

Persons with a completed higher education (bachelor or specialist’s degree) are admitted to the magistracy.


  •  Full-time education – License No. LD170001558
  • Full-time education – License No. LD170001580
  • Part-time education – License No. LD170001507

The Master’s program Field of Studies in the ARPC “IUK”:

  • 710100 “Computer Science and Engineering”, full-time education;
  • 710200 “Information Systems and Technologies”, full-time education;
  • 531100 “Linguistics”, full-time education;
  • 530800 “International Relations”, full-time education;
  • 521500 “Management”, full-time and distance education;
  • 531500 “Regional Studies”, full-time education;
  • 540200 “Social work”, full-time and distance education;
  • 531000 “Philology”, full-time education;
  • 530100 “Philosophy”, full-time education;
  • 580100 “Economics”, full-time and distance education;
  • 530500 “Jurisprudence”, full-time and distance learning.

Benefits of studying at the ARPC “IUK” Master’s program:

  1. Highly qualified and experienced teaching staff, more than 80% with academic degrees and titles;
  1. Master’s degree Diploma recognized in foreign countries;
  2. Continuing education in postgraduate and PhD doctoral studies;
  3. Opportunity to conduct scientific and teaching activities;
  4. Individual approach to each master student;
  5. The prospect of career growth.


The right to enter the master’s program is granted to persons who have a state-approved document on higher professional education with an academic degree “bachelor” in the relevant field of study or higher professional education with the qualification “specialist” award.

Normative term of study for master’s programs:

– full-time – 2 years;

– part-time – 2.5 years.

Documents required for admission:

– Personal application, with the provision of a document certifying his/her identity and citizenship;

— A copy of a state-recognized diploma (bachelor or specialist) on higher education, notarized;

— 6 photos 3×4 in size;

– Passport copy.

Admission to the Master’s program is based on the results of the interview.